About the Cain Fund

What is the William B. Cain Revolving Loan Fund?

The purpose of the Cain Fund is to provide financial assistance to Tennessee Lawyers and judges suffering from addiction, depression and other mental health illnesses who lack the resources to pay for appropriate help.

Lawyers recovering from these illnesses can—and do—return as valuable members of their families, their communities, and their profession.  The Cain Fund provides the necessary means to get lawyers treatment during the most difficult times.  Repayment is expected once the lawyer is back on his or her feet so that money will be available to help the next lawyer in need. 

Why does Tennessee need this fund?

Unfortunately, when lawyers need medical help the most, they have exhausted all their financial resources.  This is where the Cain Fund can help.  A revolving loan fund gives lawyers in need the opportunity to get mental health or substance abuse treatment.  A loan from the fund is paid directly to the treatment care providers.

How does it work?

Attorneys and judges in need of therapeutic services can request a loan application from the TLAP staff.  TLAP then gathers additional information from the applicant.  The TLAP loan committee reviews the application package and determines if the request fits the loan requirements.  The low interest loan matures six months from the completion date of treatment.  

Please call the TLAP office at 615-741-3238 to request a loan application package. 

About Judge William B. Cain

The foundation was named in memory of Judge Cain, who served on the Tennessee Court of Appeals from 1998 until his death in 2007.  Judge Cain had been a member of the judiciary since 1986 when he was appointed as Circuit Court Judge for the 22nd Judicial District.  He remained in that position until his 1998 appointment to the Court of Appeals where he later served as presiding judge.  His legal career spanned nearly a half-century.

His Legacy

A TLAP Commissioner said, “He dedicated his life to public service, including a commitment to helping others recover from alcohol and drug addictions.”  Judge Cain was instrumental in the creation of TLAP in 1999 and served as a founding Commissioner for 6 years.  “He was kind, compassionate, and convincing.  Many people are alive today because of his gift of persuasion.”  

“Bill Cain was an inspiration to all judges. His determination to lead a healthy lifestyle has left us with a wonderful legacy.” – Judge Robert L. Childers

How can I help?

Make an investment in your profession by making a donation today.  

“…the William B. Cain Fund literally saved my life.” – loan recipient 

TLAP is a state agency and all donations are tax-deductable under Internal Revenue codes.