Volunteer Form

Volunteer Information

Confidentiality Statement

I understand that TLAP’s volunteers are in possession of and have access to a broad variety of confidential, sensitive and proprietary information, the inappropriate release of which could be injurious to individuals; volunteers have an obligation to actively protect and safeguard confidential, sensitive, and proprietary information in a manner designed to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of information. I also understand that any volunteer with knowledge of a disclosure made in violation of this policy, or in doubt over whether a disclosure made might violate this policy, will immediately report the disclosure to the TLAP office.

I further acknowledge that I have reviewed a copy of Rule 33 of the Tennessee Supreme Court, TLAP’s Policies and Procedures, and agree to abide by same.

I understand that any breach of confidentiality as mandated in Supreme Court Rule 33 may result in termination of volunteer services.

Oath of Peer Monitor

I agree to serve as a TLAP Peer Monitor and herby voluntarily accept and undertake all the powers and duties of a monitor as stated in a TLAP Monitoring Agreement. I further agree to file monthly reports on behalf of a monitored lawyer’s compliance with the conditions set forth in the TLAP Monitoring Agreement, with a final report submitted to TLAP upon completion of the monitoring period. I further agree to immediately report to TLAP any noncompliance on the part of the monitored lawyer with these recovery conditions.

Removal as Peer Mentor

I understand and agree that TLAP can remove a Peer Monitor for any reason including, but not limited to, the following: 1) the monitor no longer meets the Peer Monitor qualifications, 2) the monitor has violated the confidentiality requirements of TLAP with regard to the monitored lawyer, 3) the monitor has knowledge of noncompliance by the monitored lawyer and has failed to report such noncompliance to TLAP, or 4) the monitor has failed to submit reports to TLAP in a timely manner.


The Peer Monitoring program is a part of TLAP and those working with TLAP as Peer Monitors shall be afforded all confidentiality and immunity protection afforded by Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 33:

I understand that any breach of confidentiality may result in termination of my volunteer services as Peer Monitor.