In a moment of true crisis, TLAP opened its doors and its arms to me and my girlfriend, providing helpful advice and a kind sounding board. TLAP's warmth in that moment showed me that it is there for all lawyers in any number of ways we might need assistance.
- Anonymous Law Student
For my part TLAP has serve to bridge the gap between stewardship of a profession for the public good and recovery of individual professionals. Such could not be possible without caring, knowledgeable staff and volunteers having a genuine understanding of the challenges involved with both.
- Volunteer Judge
They helped provide me with a rational perspective and to see hope (which had been invisible) and to know that there are others who know the same dark places of the soul and who can encourage one on the worthiness of survival.
- Participant Attorney
I have had the privilege of having the positive influence of the Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program in my life and that of my family for some time now. At all points during my struggle, I have been able to count on the staff at TLAP, who are always only a phone call away. Caring, loving support and gentle accountability are words that come to mind as I look back on my interaction with the program. In times of difficulty and pain, it has been a great comfort to know that there were people who understood and were willing to help. In the legal profession, as with any profession, there will be those who are unable to ask for help, whose struggles remain unknown, and I was personally acquainted with one who recently lost the battle. However, this network of staff and volunteers is the strongest link we have in the legal profession in Tennessee for sharing experience, strength and hope with those who need it.
- Volunteer Attorney
I got involved with TLAP when I was in a crisis last year. I did not know where to turn for help, when a friend suggested I call TLAP. Feeling desperate, I contacted TLAP. As a result I got confidential, nonjudgmental advice and suggestions of places where I could get the kind of on-going help I needed. I now feel like I can manage my life better. I have a support system that includes TLAP contacts that I can use if I need help. I live my life again with hope.
- Anonymous Attorney
Although it might seem a bit melodramatic, I think that it is an accurate statement to say that if the people at TLAP had not been there when I needed them a year and a half ago, I would not be here today. I was deep in my alcoholism, suicidal, and at my bottom. My friends at TLAP have provided me with the hope, encouragement, structure and support that has allowed me to recover and once again become a useful and constructive member of our society.
- Anonymous Attorney