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If you are concerned about yourself or about a partner, associate, colleague, bar applicant, law student or judge, help is available here. Schedule an appointment.

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TLAP offers numerous services including:

Consultations, Crisis Stabilization, Assessments, Referrals, Interventions, Education, Peer Support Services, ABA Networking & Outreach, Anonymous Support Groups and more. Call today (615) 741-3238 or (877) 424-8527

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Did you know?

of lawyers suffer from alcoholism and addiction.
of lawyers suffer from significant mental health issues.
of lawyers suffer from stress related issues.

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All calls are confidential and free

When you call TLAP, you can be sure that complete confidentiality will be maintained. The Tennessee Supreme Court has established TLAP as an approved impaired lawyers program pursuant to a Rule 33 of the Rules of The Supreme Court of Tennessee. By virtue of said rule, all communications with TLAP are confidential and members of TLAP are relieved of their duty to report ethical violations discovered as a result of their TLAP work. This means that any misconduct or ethical violation discovered or revealed to a member of TLAP will not be reported to any disciplinary board.. Additionally, communications with TLAP are confidential and privileged by virtue of T.C.A. Sec. 23-4-101, et seq.

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