J.E. "Buddy" Stockwell III JD, CCI

Executive Director

Buddy Stockwell was appointed by the Tennessee Supreme Court on July 1, 2020, as the new Executive Director of the Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program (TLAP). Stockwell comes from south Louisiana where he has been a volunteer and program monitor for the state’s Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse since 1993, and the Executive Director of Louisiana's comprehensive Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program (JLAP) peer professionals' program for the last ten years. He is a Certified Clinical Interventionist through “Love First” training at the Betty Ford Center and has personally been in recovery from alcoholism for over 38 years. Over the years he has supported hundreds of bar members, bar applicants, and family members of the bar with a wide range of substance use disorders and mental health issues. Stockwell earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Louisiana State University in 1989 and a Juris Doctor degree from LSU Law School in 1993. Post-law school, he practiced in both large and small firm settings, but ultimately opened a solo practice in Baton Rouge where he focused heavily on domestic litigation. In 2004 he sold his Baton Rouge law office, home, and vehicles and he and his wife, Melissa, moved aboard a large catamaran and sailed the seas for six years, covering 19,000 nautical miles. Stockwell is a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain and seasoned ocean mariner. He also served in the Navy prior to college. He is dedicated to TLAP's mission and very excited to serve the Tennessee Supreme Court, the TLAP Commission, and stakeholders in the profession as the new TLAP Executive Director.

Email: Buddy.Stockwell@tncourts.gov

Holly Wade LCSW, CDWF

Clinical Director

Holly Wade was hired on January 11, 2021 as TLAP’s new Clinical Director. Holly is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with years of diverse experience in supporting clients with all types of mental health diagnoses and has worked with both adolescents and adults. In addition, her specialized experience includes addressing mood disorders and trauma. She has training in EMDR, CBT, and mindfulness treatments that focus on trauma recovery and mood stabilization. In 2016 Holly became a Certified Daring Way Facilitator (CDWF) through training with Brené Brown, Ph.D who is a nationally recognized leader and best-selling author on the topics of courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. Holly recently returned to her home state of Tennessee after living in Connecticut for over 20 years and her diverse life experiences include living all over the United States and even in Manila, Philippines. She attended Boston University, The University of Tennessee, and Fordham University Graduate School of Social Work. Holly is dedicated to TLAP’s missions of protecting the public, saving lives and careers in the legal profession, and helping educate lawyers, judges, law students, and bar applicants about the mental health and wellness challenges that impact the profession.

Email: Holly.Wade@tncourts.gov

Lauren Castor, M.S.

Clinical Case Manager

Lauren was hired in March 2021 as TLAP’s Clinical Case Manager. Lauren has a Master of Psychology in Clinical Psychology and has worked with individuals of all ages doing both therapy and neuropsychological/psychoeducational assessment. Lauren is dedicated to supporting TLAP’s mission to providing support and education to individuals in the legal profession and protecting the public.

Email: Lauren.Castor@tncourts.gov

Emily Lacey CRS 

Outreach and Clinical Coordinator

Emily Lacey has served as a member of TLAP’s administrative staff since 2005. Emily supports TLAP’s professional staff in the realms of Outreach and Clinical support. Emily is also a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS). Emily’s primary duties include serving as TLAP’s coordinator in visualizing, designing, and executing outreach strategies and programs such as Camp TLAP to support and grow TLAP’s confidential clinical services, educate the profession about the different categories of TLAP’s services, highlight TLAP’s efficacy and performance metrics, and provide data to the profession regarding mental health challenges and solutions. In addition, Emily provides administrative support to the Executive Director, the Clinical Director, and the Clinical Case Manager in their management of TLAP’s formal Recovery Monitoring program.

Email: Emily.Lacey@tncourts.gov 

Kim Williams CRS

Office and Marketing Coordinator

Kim Williams has served as a member of TLAP’s administrative staff since 2014. Kim is also a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS). Kim’s primary duty includes office management and administration needed to keep TLAP’s office systems running smoothly. In addition, Kim is TLAP’s coordinator in visualizing, designing, and executing marketing strategies to promote TLAP’s confidential clinical services and educate the profession about all of the different categories of TLAP’s services, including the management of TLAP’s online presence via its website, social media, email blasts, newsletters, blogs, and the design and placement of traditional print media. Kim engages in collaborative efforts with TLAP’s administrative and professional staff so as to maximize creativity synergy and effectiveness of TLAP’s marketing to the legal profession.

Email: Kim.Williams@tncourts.gov